Day481 Richmond virtual option

TL;DR flexing a few races I will be doing

I wrote up two entries this week. They are not related. I am excited of both of them. Here is the first. I will be also traveling this weekend for a race. I will write about that race soon. Keeping it under wrap for now as not to jink it.

I deferred the Richmond race two years ago because of the Corona. Last year, I was waiting for the signup email and it came late after I already signed up for another race. This year I knew what to expect.

Yesterday I received the email from the race organization with the signup link for it (for people who deferred). Originally I was not going to run the Richmond race. Just like last year, I already picked out another race for that weekend. This year I didn’t antagonize over whether to do the Richmond race or the other one. In fact, I had four races to choose from for that weekend. Richmond was at the very bottom of my list. Then I realized what if they have a virtual option. They do, so I signed up to run it virtually.

This is for November 12 weekend. I probably will fulfill my virtual obligation the week prior. I plan to travel down to Richmond to do it. It seems silly but it will give me the motivation to run it.

As for what race I picked to run on November 12, readers would have to wait and see. It is not a big secret, but I like to keep it kind of a secret for now.

Related I signed up for The Wild Oak Run (they called it applying but I think likely I will be accepted since I am doing a “fun” run). More on this when the event arrives.

I might have mentioned I signed up for Lake Ridge Ultra (Lake Claytor) on 9/11 weekend and the Iron Mountain Ultra (Hurricane trail).

My next ultra will be the Catoctin. A few years ago when I wanted to run it, the race description scared me, so I ended up running 25K instead. Well that was really last year and when I showed up to the course, I was like what!? 25k is like a half marathon. Can you believe I was freaked out by a 50k? I am amazed by how my perspective has changed after running a 100 mile.

Also in case I forgot to say, I locked in a spot for the 24 5k at Pemberton. It is highly anticipated. I have been wanting to do it since I had an eye on running ultras. Can I do it? The answer should be yes.

What this all about? Somehow signing up races get me excited. Also relating to the last blog entry how my perspective change the 2nd year of redoing some of the same races.

“Your mercy are new every morning”

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