Day499 Ann Arbor

I am on my way to Michigan for the Ann Arbor Marathon.

This will be my 10th state.

I am excited. This is not one of the races that has been in planning for a long time. I only wanted to go to Ann Arbor recently maybe a couple months ago. I made it happened. Here I am.

For Michigan, if I did not know better, I would probably pick the Detroit Free Press Marathon, because I knew a friend who did it before the Pandemic.  Not anything against that race, it’s just the timing was not right. I would certainly like to run across to Canada and back.

Ann Arbor Marathon is nothing like that. It is a two loop kind of run in  Ann Arbor. It looks quite a small place on the map. I know I will have a lot of fun running it. I think the reason I picked this race was because it is cheap.

Gosh I am afraid of the cold. I think this weekend the temperature will drop to 36F in the morning. Brrr.

I have never been to Detroit before. This will be my first time. Minneapolis, where I went last time is quite big and bland. I wonder if Detroit is the same.

I only will be here for the weekend, just a little bit over 24 hours. Friday night, whole Saturday, and leave shortly after my marathon on Sunday afternoon.

I hope to spend some time exploring if I could. I kind of want to go to Toronto too but that is 4 hours away. We will see if I can squeeze it in my schedule.

Why I go here? I think things just worked out. As readers know, I tried to get to Tulsa, OK, but I ended up here in Ann Arbor. I might as well cross off Michigan.

My race won’t be until Sunday morning. I hope to keep safe until then.

PS, this morning I woke up and read about someone doing a race last weekend in Oakland University, and I thought that was Oakland, CA. It is instead here in Detroit. Go check out the blog MilesFlyBy on WordPress. She will be running in the Ann Arbor Half Marathon this weekend.

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