Day507 Hello World

Happy blog anniversary! This is my fourth year on the platform. I started around 2018 (first Hello).

I looked back the previous hello world entries, and last year was kind of thick (I said a lot in that entry).

Hello World is my way of starting a new blogging year of finding or determining what I will write in this new season.

No surprises, I will be doing the same as I have been doing — that is I plan to run a lot and write about them. I already planned out for the next year. I haven’t signed up for races yet but I am likely going to do those races. (mentioned in day496)

This next year will be like the past few years. I will make moderate improvements in challenging myself to be at the next level. There is one secret – I plan to go oversea…no not exactly over the ocean – just to Canada. We will see if I could pull it off. (race schedule)

meta – I changed the layout of the site because I was tired of finding fixes for the twentytwentytwo theme that has been messing up the site. I concluded that the things I needed to do would require me to get a business level plan from WP to have access to the CSS layering in order to disable the default title/tagline/images.

keeping my entry brief this year – signing off.

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