Day510 Happy Friday

Another week! The year is drawing to a close. There are a few more weeks yet. I have one more race, well two, no a few more.

I plan to do two races this weekend. Nothing big, but will (maybe) report on it next week — don’t want to jink it yet and also I don’t have the right feel for it (I see them as one event)…though likely I will do them. I paid for them, so gotta run them. I am not in a burnout mood like last year. I just finally felt I could breathe after a stressful time back in October.

The two real races left for the year is Stone Mill next weekend. I have been training week after week. I’m not worry. This race is one I am expecting to be fun, at least to me.

Then there is the Devil Dog that I have been avoiding in my blog. One day I will face it. It is coming by fast (less than a month out). I haven’t trained specifically for it. No plans. Nothing. Yet the Devil Dog is scary. Let leave it alone for now.

This weekend as of last year 2021, I was about to do my 100 mile run Rim to River in West Virginia. It was that race that brought me back alive. Now it seems ages ago.

Gotta go now. Unlike last year, this weekend will be low key. I am ‘tapering’ as I get ready for Stone Mill.

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