Day518 Devil Dog – Pre

Just a quick post to hype up my coming weekend run, the Devil Dog 100. It’s a hundred mile run. Ya. I only attempted like 6 times and succeeded twice. A low success rate.

Am I ready? I am ready as I ever will be. I felt I am much stronger this year. I had plenty of rest. My body is not exhausted like last year.

Mentally I am ready too. I hit with 3 DNFs (not finishing a race) this year. They are unfortunate but I learn from them and I think mentally I am tougher now. Devil Dog was my first DNF that led the series and MMT and then Iron Mountain.

Since then, I have trained and run harder. The Pemberton 24 gave me a good shake out. Stone Mill 50 and JFK 50, recent races, shown I can do it. I reached my targeted performance goals. Also a series of marathons: Duluth in Minnesota, Ann Arbor in Michigan, and past weekend NCR in Glencoe, Maryland, showed my performance is there. I actually was not pushing hard in those races, but my time has improved to I felt comfortable.

How will I do in DD100? Don’t know until I try. It is all game and fun until…its not.

Trust my training. is all.

What left is to pack tonight! and then run the race on Saturday at 6 am.

Weather: It’s Always down to the weather. Weather in the DC area is always weird at this time of year. Looks like we will face up to freezing temp at night (26-28F, a few degrees below freezing for my intl audience) and rain 97% chance on the first day. Not sure how heavy yet and how long. Looks like the whole Saturday. Nothing we can do. Was hoping the rain to move in early or move off till late Sunday, but the past few days only shown it is likely to get worse.

I brought an umbrella and two sets of gloves (one light one and one for ski). Both are waterproof. Yes, they said plan for the worst but expecting the best. Not sure how running with an umbrella would work, but I think if the rain comes down heavy, it might be useful. The umbrella said could withstand strong wind (rated 75 something, i dont think its in mph), so we will see. Likely I don’t need it if the rain comes early while I still have the energy to run. It will be helpful when I walk.

Thinking about drop bags. This year I will fully plan and use all three drop locations. Will be packing clothes, shoes, and food and drinks for all three locations. Get some coffee beans too for night the portion.

My friend David (whom I ran the JFK with) will come during the day time on the first day. My MMT or BRR friends, Iris, and her husband will come at night from 11 pm to morning 6 am to cheer me on. I think she’s actually coming out for me and not just for general volunteering. I don’t need crewing but knowing a friendly face or two will definitely help. If they are available, I don’t mind to loop them in to crew for me, but usually that complicates things.

I would have to plan out how best they can help me, like writing out a list of things I need to do at a crew stop (or lap): get rid of wastes, water up, pack in food, get wipes to clean myself, take care of chafe, lube up, take care of feet, shoes, socks or clothing changes, time check (how long the last loop, how long the next loop be, how much is used up, and specific food or equipment needed for the next section — like headlamp(s), gloves, jacket etc. Med kits.

Any way I will be camping in on the night before the race, so I won’t be rushing to the start this year. Last year, the bus got lost and we were an hour late! Luckily the race org delay the start an extra hour for us.

I am excited — stoked! Here we go!

My report will be available some time after the race as usual.

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