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  • Day470 Salisbury Marathon (RunSBY)

    After running the Newport News Marathon last month, I came into the Salisbury Marathon, thinking it would be about the same. While it is easy to compare and contrast the two because they were still fresh on mind, but that is not what will do. I enjoyed running them. This race allowed me just to […]

  • Day469 MMT TR3

    TL;DR – A weekend long run on a weak leg. What a weekend! It was like taking a cold shower. I have done many kinds of runs and gone on many outdoors trips, but this past weekend was one of the best. It was a training run for my MMT 100 (Massanutten 100 mile trail […]

  • Day466 Newport News Marathon

    With 77F / 25C, strong winds, I couldn’t have asked for a better running condition. Ideally 40-50F might be better suited for me in breaking any personal records. It was hot by any standard, but I was ready to leave winter behind, the heat was not a problem for me. No more long sleeves and […]

  • Day464 MMT TR2

    MMT TR#2 was my first real training run for the Massanutten 100 race (MMT), a race that is named after a ring of mountains where some of them create one side Shenandoah valley. For us locals, I don’t think it is anything extraordinarily beautiful but I did catch occasional glimpses of the famous Shenanoah River […]

  • Day462 up ahead – some decisions

    I was debating at the beginning of the week if I should sign up for some local races. The answer should have been a “quick, sign me up!” I don’t know any more. I am not what I once was. I am less incline to rush into a race even if it is free. By […]

  • Day459 BRR Training Run 1

    I wasn’t even signed up for the BRR – Bull Run Run (50K), but I was at their first training run the past weekend. In our area there is a famous Civil War battlefield, actually there are a few, but Bull Run is probably more so because it was Confederate first victory and the Union […]

  • Day457.9 WTF again

    Got to share…and can’t wait till next week or the next day. I just got accepted into the WTF race (waterfall 50K, waterfall is the nickname I think). The race is next weekend. Telling you guys, this race is old school. They don’t let you know until almost the day of. But it is free! […]

  • Day455 spontaneous

    Training has been hard…hard to get start again. Only way to be good at running/anything is to keep on training. The moment we stop training our body and muscles started to decline. I know all that. For me, there is never a good time to train. There is always something comes up and interferes. Only […]

  • Day453 Devil Dog / DNF

    In a race, it is given that we want to finish. Otherwise, it is just a training run. To me a race is the real deal and mainly the reason for me to run it – to prove myself of reaching a certain level or besting a course. Also the feeling on race day is […]

  • Day451 Stone Mill 50 (second time)

    The race came the week after the Rim to River 100 mile. Initially, I was not going to run it since it was too close to the big race, but after finish the 100 mile, I felt why not, I feel fine, let try it. I was not running for time and in most ultras […]