Day 96 I spent last few days on recovery. Basically no running. Nothing much to say. Today is the fourth day but still I feel tired. I have not recovered 100%. I feel it is a little over 50% and maybe at 60%. I am glad to be healthy though. I should be ready for… Continue reading Recovery


Day 93 / still waiting One of the reasons I started blogging is to record my races and the training I do. Because running races is what I live for. But on a deeper level, I was trying to find meaning and truth in all my activities we call life. I believe our lives have… Continue reading Meaning


Day 92 / decided I woke up this morning and gained a better sense what I want to do this weekend. I want to run. So I signed up for the Pot of Gold 10K for Sunday as a safe bet.  By the time I got out of work today, I wasn’t sure if I… Continue reading Waiting

Much Colder

Day 89 A pic for fan service. I was cruising. I think it was at mile 5 or so into the race. Tonight I was undecided whether to run or not and in the end I did run. It was much cold than other runs I had before. Garmin and rest of the forecasters were… Continue reading Much Colder


Day 88  Shoes. I might have written on this before.  It felt so good yesterday when I ran on a kinda new pair of shoes. I forgot how how good they feel. I could pound the pavement as hard as I want  and my feet didn’t feel a thing. 


Day 87 Race I did a 10 miler race on Sunday morning. I only did this just once a year. 10 miler is almost like 13.1, a half marathon. This was the longest run/race-wise I had since December. It is a good preparation for next week. 


Day 86 It was a lazy day and a very happy one. How so?  I started the day going to a free 5K run at the warf downtown DC. It was a race to celebrate Black Women History Month. Unlike the New Year race, this race was untimed. It was also started late. 15 minutes… Continue reading Volunteer

Run on tired legs

Day 84 Wednesday, normally is my night off from running, but since I took my rest on Monday, (did 1 mile on the treadmill on Monday)  I was obligated to go out and put in my miles.