Day256 musing

Achievable Goals I have been searching for a goal for this year. I am mixing the word goal, resolution, mission statement together here. I know they mean different thing and serve a purpose if they are treated separately. Before the COVID19 epidemic, I was going through the motion with my runs. I had a plan… Continue reading Day256 musing

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vision & mission

Day 224 Goal: Key ideas usually come to me while I am running. I have been trying to have some kind of goals for this year. At first I was not so into the new year resolutions this year, which I usually made one in the past for all my adult life. It was probably… Continue reading vision & mission

Becoming something

Day 158 It seems I complain a lot as I embark on this this new season of training. Depending on how you count it this should be my seventh or ninth season (if you count three seasons a year, spring, summer, and fall or just two winter and spring). I’m not really counting but it… Continue reading Becoming something