Becoming something

Day 158

It seems I complain a lot as I embark on this this new season of training. Depending on how you count it this should be my seventh or ninth season (if you count three seasons a year, spring, summer, and fall or just two winter and spring). I’m not really counting but it is like I have been through this training thing quite a few times already. Things should be easier, you would think.

I am writing because, I see myself as a normal person. To others I might be a crazy person who run all the time, but I too struggle with my training. I would avoid running and exercise if it can help. I have to self-talk and bribe myself into running. Only thing is once I start to run, I don’t have regret. I then enjoy it. Having a goal help too.

Last three years have developed me into a better runner. I have reached far beyond what I originally imagined myself of doing. I initially only wanted my marathon passion not to be a one off event. But now I ran more races than I ever dreamed of. I have been to 5 states for my races and I am proud of it, and hopefully could do the remaining 45 states. I have done couple of ultras and they were unbelievable, you add in the word, incredible challenging, yet fulfilling. I wish though I have done more.

Each race led to the next with hoping one day to do the one by BAA, the crown of all marathons. Will I reach it? Who knows. I met a guy who was like me and he did it. I hope to do the same.

Anyway the point was, each successive year, my goal got bigger and bigger.

Ya, I have bad days too with my running.

Today I woke up, and my right shin is definitely has some sore. Shin splint. The muscle around my whole shin is tight. It is affecting me even as I walk. Should I call the day off from training?

I am proud of the my last week of the miles I put in. Not bad for the first week of training.

Monday: day off

Tuesday: club run 3.5 ish miles

Wednesday: run in the park. Trail. 1.5 miles

Thursday: club run canceled. Ran 8 miles

Friday: 10 miles Rock Creek and DC

Saturday: 20 miles – Manassas Battlefield

Sunday: 12 miles – Leesburg W&OD

55 miles total.

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