Day442 races to come

I can’t wait till the weekend to share! I just signed up for my races for next year and they are…

1. One City Marathon (VA)

2. Grandma’s Marathon, (MN)

3. lastly as of now, Salisbury Marathon (MD)

I am most hyped about the One City Marathon because I think I have been waiting for 4-5 years to do this one. Yes forever…

The other ones are too. I just came back from a race in Minnesota so they recommended Grandma’s as a race to do…, so my hope is up.

Salisbury, probably not as widely known as the first two, but local racers, at least a blogger I followed recommended it, and so I am doing it. Also, I have been to Salisbury a few times, so, kind of like the place. I ran there once for a half marathon long time ago, so feeling a bit of a nostalgia.

Yup, I am poor now for the next few weeks

By Antin

There is nothing more I like than to run, hike, and be with one I love


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