Day457.9 WTF again

Got to share…and can’t wait till next week or the next day. I just got accepted into the WTF race (waterfall 50K, waterfall is the nickname I think). The race is next weekend. Telling you guys, this race is old school. They don’t let you know until almost the day of. But it is free!… Continue reading Day457.9 WTF again

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Day448 Run schedule

2022 Edition. Part of the tradition is around this time of year, I will reveal my next year race scehdule. couple weeks (Day442) ago, I already hinted/ let it known a few races I already signed up. 3 marathons I signed up were, the Newport News One City, Grandma’s in Minnesota, and Salisbury in Maryland.… Continue reading Day448 Run schedule

Day373 seneca run

I was training for Seneca 50 Mile run over the weekend. The good news is it will take place. The race organizer won the appeal and gathered all tge necessary permits. I signed up last month when they posted they got the permission from a local school to stage their start and finish line on… Continue reading Day373 seneca run

Day354 Race

Nothing like being in a race. I missed having the in-person race experience a lot. Yesterday, I did a race at Blue Knob Mountain in Pa. It was unbelieveble finally after six months there was a race for me to do. The announcer at the starting line asked who are doing it for the first… Continue reading Day354 Race

Day312 The Crunch

I am feeling the crunch, but things are happening. Wheels started spinning as I am in the final preparation. Final? No, more like finally getting my crap together. Things are taking shape. I had the maps printed out. 20+ pages of them. These are in addition to the paper map I brought. I have been… Continue reading Day312 The Crunch

why I run

Day 246: I need some motivation to get me through this hump. I have been floored by many cancelations of events due to the COVID-19. When it is about other people’s races, I didn’t really care but when it is about my race, it’s personal! Last few days one after another, my races are dropping… Continue reading why I run