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  • Day497 Rock n the Knob

    Another year, another week and another race report – It was my third time running and third race this fall season! I’m not jaded by it yet. I love fall! (year1, year2) As if readers haven’t realized, I am hitting my races in full strides this season. This one Rock-n-the Knob is one of the […]

  • Day495 Claytor Lake 12h run

    TLDR – a 12h endurance run at Claytor Lake. My second year Fall season is here and I can run as much as I want! This past weekend I went to Claytor Lake in Dublin, VA and ran a 12 hour event. They had a 6, 12, and 24 hour event. Last year I signed […]

  • Day457.9 WTF again

    Got to share…and can’t wait till next week or the next day. I just got accepted into the WTF race (waterfall 50K, waterfall is the nickname I think). The race is next weekend. Telling you guys, this race is old school. They don’t let you know until almost the day of. But it is free! […]

  • Day448 Run schedule

    2022 Edition. Part of the tradition is around this time of year, I will reveal my next year race scehdule. couple weeks (Day442) ago, I already hinted/ let it known a few races I already signed up. 3 marathons I signed up were, the Newport News One City, Grandma’s in Minnesota, and Salisbury in Maryland. […]

  • Day437 Iron Mountain trail run/race

    Be thankful, I say. I ran and finished the Iron Mnt Trail Race (IMTR). I did the 40 miles this time. Actually it was my first time though probably won’t be my last. I signed up for the race in 2019, but I got sick that year (caught Lyme Disease) and did not make it […]

  • Day373 seneca run

    I was training for Seneca 50 Mile run over the weekend. The good news is it will take place. The race organizer won the appeal and gathered all tge necessary permits. I signed up last month when they posted they got the permission from a local school to stage their start and finish line on […]

  • Day354 Race

    Nothing like being in a race. I missed having the in-person race experience a lot. Yesterday, I did a race at Blue Knob Mountain in Pa. It was unbelieveble finally after six months there was a race for me to do. The announcer at the starting line asked who are doing it for the first […]

  • Day312 The Crunch

    I am feeling the crunch, but things are happening. Wheels started spinning as I am in the final preparation. Final? No, more like finally getting my crap together. Things are taking shape. I had the maps printed out. 20+ pages of them. These are in addition to the paper map I brought. I have been […]

  • why I run

    Day 246: I need some motivation to get me through this hump. I have been floored by many cancelations of events due to the COVID-19. When it is about other people’s races, I didn’t really care but when it is about my race, it’s personal! Last few days one after another, my races are dropping […]