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Day 220

I don’t have a clear direction for this post. I have been thinking of a new year resolution (2019). A few weeks earlier I had no interest in making one for this year, but couple things happened. Last night, our church had a review on the last 21 days fasting. People were sharing how their life have changed during these 21 days.

I did not participate in the fasting this year. I have been joking around that in 2019 I fasted because I wanted to but this year I did not want to and were forced to because I was out of money.

I remembered on Jan 2, I did not even have the money to pay my rent and I had only $300 in my bank! Technically I could buy lot of food with that money but there was fear what if I don’t have enough, because $300 is just about enough money to pay for my gas and metro fare. Money came in on Jan 3 though, I received a bonus at work and it was enough to cover my rent. any way, I will end the month in black with a bank balance at least 4-5 times what I started. I already paid my rent for the next month and there are plenty of food in the fridge!

One think that touched my heart was while away on my trip in California, a friend called me and said she considered me to be one of best friends. She told me something like that back in August but I did not take to heart and her call was a wake up call. I mentioned this because looking back at my 2019 resolution, I wrote about making one friend. Now looking back, I found more than a friend. I have some issues to work out, since for couple months she was angry at me for some thing I did (see Day 200). Any way, I prompted me to take a more serious look at my new year resolution.

I never really thought friends can have an impact on my running. One of the reasons I have not been running much was due to lack of motivation and that stemmed from a personal conflict with the friend. Now everything kind of resolve and I am hitting the pavement once again.

For the last couple of days, I have been making my training schedule. It is not done yet but I scheduled couple big runs for next month. I will write more about them as time approaches. I also set up an expense / to-do worksheet. I have about a dozen of races for the year and it got hard in tracking the cost as well as whether a hotel or flight is booked. So now I have a spreadsheet that tells me all that.



Many people posted about their resolutions. I have been thinking on mine. I used to do this every year. This year I am kind of late to the game.

One thing I want is to be healthier. I want to sleep more than 4 hours each night, preferably 7-8 hours.

I resolve to train more consistently. I do run a lot but, I stopped running in the morning (even though I have been sleeping less). I would need to do more morning runs. I resolve to go to the gym more, aiming two to three times a week. I want to have better built. I will just follow Excessive and Composed’s plan. I resolve to swim at least couple times per week.

Going to add: Increase in intensity.

I was pretty happy last year and did many amazing things that were beyond my expectation (life was hard, but there were moments of light). I strive to be happier this year. This blog and my adventures have been very fulfilling. I do not seek validation from others, but the bloggers on here have been a great encouragement to me. I will want to post more about my adventures and my races. It was interesting to write a journal entry and have people comment back.

I also want to eat healthier. I have been on fast food most of my adult life and even the last two years while running, I still ate all the junks. So this year at least for the first quarter, I plan to eat wholesome food and to avoid as much processed food as possible. I am totally cutting sweets and sugar until race day 4/13. I will eat all the sweets they have to offer on the race course!

I also resolve to save more money at least for a race bicycle and for more of my trips. If I am going to run oversea, I will need to save up for that. The goal is 2021 either Sydney, Au or Lima, Peru. That will be several grands, so definitely need to be more disciplined with my spending. I think by cutting fast food, I will be able to save some money. I need to resolve to open a saving account.

I resolve to go camping by myself. I did a lot of camping trips but never alone. I feel I need to learn to be a real outdoor man, such as be better at finding trails and reading map and to learn to able to stay alive in the woods!

Ya, I want to be a better person. I want to be a more adventurous! Well there is probably a chance for me to run a Ragnar this year! That would be awesome. I am not looking to leave a legacy, but I do want 2019 to be an exceptional year that I when I look back, there is no regret of things I could do but didn’t do.

I resolve to be a friend to someone :), at least will try to be friendlier person. People said I have been doing so much that I don’t have time for my family or close friends. However, I have been making new friends through my running group and my hiking buddies and outdoor adventurers and on here. I guess, I want to resolve to make more new friends yet not to forget my old friends too.

Day 54