Day 69 I had a long weekend doing two things of my heart’s desire. Running and hiking. At the end of it, I still couldn’t believe it. It was like yeah, I have done this all my life. It was fun, I was told at the end of it all. That caught me by surprise.

Review 19.2

Day 60 / Second Review – “December Update” The last 30 days came and  disappeared like a flash. I blogged another 30 days! The highlight was the 31 miles (50K) race completed. You can read all about it in the race report. Before the race I didn’t think I was prepared enough. I, at the time,… Continue reading Review 19.2

It’s Friday

I finally weighed myself and I broke the scale –figuratively. Haha! I’m way heavier than I thought. It must be all the pizzas

In the grind

I had a blog post ready for today but in the end decided to scratch that. I have in the past wrote to myself but now there are a few readers

Long run

I am more tired today than last weekend when I did the marathon. I went out for a long run today. I wanted to do a three hour run. I started at 1:30

First run

I had my first run after the marathon, a short 3.5 miles. Everything felt great. I had everything back in place. My right hip and right knee

Rest day

I will rest up today.  I am happy to have written the race report. There are a lot I still want to say now after I have done with