Day 131 I was surprised in a bad way when my family doctor told me I have high level of cholesterol in my blood and that I should take medication to lower it. That scared the light out of me. I thought those kind of medications are for old people. My mom takes those. Wait,… Continue reading Surprised


Day 113 /long post on delight and peace Everything about this weekend pretty much fell into place according to plan and I was pleased. I couldn’t ask for more. In my life, there is someone special. I would love to spend every moment with her. This whole weekend, I was pretty much with her most… Continue reading Weekend

Pretty normal

Day 106 – weekend The weekend unfolded as planned. It was a little better than planned because I picked up my bib on Friday instead of Saturday (I used the extra time to catch some afternoon zzz). The biking event went as expected. Me and another guy biked into DC for the cherry blossoms. It… Continue reading Pretty normal


Day 105 – kind of a long Saturday Rambling I feel like whining. I have been sleeping early and waking up early. Trying to square away my life. Boy do I need to get my life together. It was a little in that direction this week. I put away reading my cheesy online novels. They… Continue reading Nearer


Day 92 / decided I woke up this morning and gained a better sense what I want to do this weekend. I want to run. So I signed up for the Pot of Gold 10K for Sunday as a safe bet.  By the time I got out of work today, I wasn’t sure if I… Continue reading Waiting


Day 77 Snow for real! Schools are closed. Government is closed. Buses are on a special schedule and can cancel any time without notice. Yeehaw! It means  we are going camping (can’t wait). That’s how I feel any way. The camping trip is this weekend but I feel we can go today! We have been… Continue reading Inconsequential