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  • Day382 training

    I have not been training specifically for the Rocky Raccoon 100. I like the name. I have been calling it the Raccoon Race. I wanted to have a plan for training this race. I downloaded one from the internet but have not followed it. I know I am much behind on many runs. We when […]

  • Day376 small run

    I had one of the best runs last night. It was just 10k. Just nice distance. I ran too many long miles and those were slugfest. I like short and fast runs. It felt fast to me though the time showed otherwise. I felt I ran the fastest ever. Zoom Zoom. Due to corona virus, […]

  • Day375 Signal Knob

    update: A bit worn out from the hike and run yesterday at Signal knob. Not sure if I will run today. Bye bye seneca. I will just have to risk it on race day without checking out where the trail goes at certain spots. (I read Benrunsonbeer’s report on his race and it got me […]

  • Day370

    I didn’t go camping. Instead I had a lazy saturday. I injured my foot last weekend while running. I didn’t notice anything wrong at the time, but it probably was from over straining my right foot. You know the whole body hurts after running the marathon and my right foot was hurting. I didn’t pay […]

  • Day348 here I go

    This was written in mid August as I was trying to get my body back in shape. I had stopped running for the longest time, about 6 weeks. At first I thought only couple weeks off after running the 100 mile. Once you stopped, it was hard to get back on the habit of daily […]

  • Day346 back to normal

    It felt weird, now things are back to normal. Couple days ago, I was in Atlanta doing this run. It was not really my life goal. Yet I poured in energy and time for whole summer. It could have been the capstone for this summer. I don’t know what to think of it but to […]

  • Day267 run summary

    Week14 Nothing spectacular this week. I ran less frequently than I should. I couldn’t remember what held me back. Maybe, because my running usually occurred during dinner time and this week I lost it to my appetite. I have gained couple pounds. I really need to push my running to the morning. Monday-Friday: none Saturday: […]

  • weekly run summary

    Day 251 / week 9 I reread a year of my blog posts over the weekend on my training runs and it was funny that I always say I don’t run enough and that my training plan is derailing, but I always pulled through in the end for my race. I am always a crutch […]

  • Monday run summary

    day 245 The week has been distracting to say the least with the coronavirus news. I only had one marathon canceled on me so far but it dealt me a major blow and I haven’t really run much. It shouldn’t affect me emotionally. I know I should run with or without the race, but it […]

  • Laurel #2 review/lesson

    Day 244 The trip was almost a mirror of the first trip but with better luck. I was able to leave from work on time and with lighter traffic than usual from the COVID-19, I was able to get home within an hour. The clock started ticking once I got home. I decided to cook […]