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  • Laurel #2 – planning

    day 242 Weekend plan With last week reports out of the way, I am ready for tomorrow. Again apologize for bombarding so many long posts. I am training for the Laurel Highlands Ultra in PA taking place in June. My training plan has been weekend runs locally and test/training runs on location. This coming weekend […]

  • weekly run summary

    Day 235 / week 6 Monday: rest Tuesday: 4 mi Wednesday: none Thursday: 4 Friday: 14-15 Saturday: hiking buckhollow-hanzel river loop – 20 mi (ran about final 2 mi downhill); completed in 7 hours Sunday: 10k race total: 28 mi + 20 mi hiking Due to various reasons mainly tireness and being lazy, I didn’t […]

  • weekly run summary

    Day 231 This starts getting fun and I’m looking forward writing it. This would be my fifth week. I have 15 more weeks before my Laurel Highlands race. Total: 56-58 miles Monday: rest. I didn’t want to rest because the week before I only did 9 miles* (plus 20+ miles of hiking), so I had […]

  • Run

    Day 218 Finally got my training started for this season. Maybe when I have time I will post why it took two months to get it off running. I blamed it on Post-Marathon Blue. I will cheat a little and count the Sunday in San Diego as my Day 1/ 0. -Sunday: 26.2 miles. ran […]

  • Training soon

    Day 203 I should start running again. I checked my schedule. I don’t really have that much time to be slacking off. Ideally, I should start building my base now. I don’t know if I will get into the 70-mile race yet. Some have gotten in. There is no announcement yet if the race is […]

  • short post

    day 162 I will keep it short as I have to sleep soon. Thank you faithful readers for reading my stuff. I don’t think I am that entertaining but it is encouraging there is someone out there reading my rants and complaints. I am about to finish my second week of training and looking back, […]

  • Sacrifice

    Day 160 It is only a couple days into my training, and I already encountered trade-offs and sacrifices. Yesterday I went to a birthday party and with that I couldn’t made the run. I was supposed to do 8 miles but it was 9 pm by the time I was free. I could have made […]

  • Race plan, and last night run

    Day 159 The people I run with are organizing to go to Boulder, CO next May to run a 10K. I haven’t signed up yet but gave my word that I will go. We will all going to stay at a house together. I have never done something like this and always been wanting to […]

  • Middle of a long run

    Day 156 Boy is it hot! I am 7 miles into my long run and now stopped and got sidetracked here. I had my biometric taken for the TSa pre check screening. That is another story. I am not so happy to pay a load of money so that I don’t have to go through […]

  • Second day

    Day 155 If the first day of training was hard, the second day was tossing in the towel. It was Hot. I didn’t feel like running. But Run I must otherwise how will I run when November comes when it is icy and cold and the course is hard? I just need to get into […]