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  • Day460 content

    Expect great things and attempt great things. This is a quote from William Carey, a missionary, I wish to make it my own. I believe all great people have similar bigger than life vision for themselves and what they accomplish seems to us to be on another level. I’m no hero, but I have been […]

  • thoughts

    Day 229 –I filed my taxes today! My office manager helped me. I can do it myself and I used to do it myself but for last six years, it was my manager who helped me. One less headache. –It is safer to hike/backpack with a friend. That was a big idea I had while […]

  • vision & mission

    Day 224 Goal: Key ideas usually come to me while I am running. I have been trying to have some kind of goals for this year. At first I was not so into the new year resolutions this year, which I usually made one in the past for all my adult life. It was probably […]

  • asking myself why / vision stm

    I know perfectly well why I do things like running a marathon or backpacking over the weekend. People around me think I am suffering when I am really