What is the chance I will remain healthy for the next ten years that I can do 5 marathons every year?

I was thinking how to able to do a marathon in

all fifty states. There are people who did this in 2-3 years. If I run 10 races in a year I could do it in 5 years. But that is highly unrealistic. I might able to pull of 5 races in a year. Like 25-30% chance.

Cost: I was thinking if I have $50,000 what would I spend it on. How did I come up with the amount $50,000? It is like each race I go to, hotel, food, and stuff cost about $1000. Racing is my vacation. Running in 50 states will cost me that much, rough figure.

I was thinking what is the most important thing in the world. I was reminded a parable about a guy finding a pearl in a field and he buried it again and went and sell everything so that he could purchase the field. Similarly, if something is so important, it worth to devote all my energy and resources to accomplish it.

So $50,000 is a good benchmark. It is not too little and it is not an unimaginably large amount of money. I often think, if I have that much, why not save it for retirement, or use it as a down payment for a house. Or take a trip around the world. Who would have thought using this amount to run 50 marathons or hike the AT. Runners are a little crazy, don’t you think?

(End Day 3)

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