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  • Day452 Retirement/Investment

    I went down this rabbit hole before. How much do I need to save now to retire some day? Which requires me to ask how much do I need in the future. This is probably my second blog post on this topic (retirement and minimal spending). What I suggested before was am extreme look but […]

  • Day323 shirt or no shirt

    I am thinking of the next run. Should I wear shirt or not. I probably will but going to be in short sleeves. Nothing to write about. All so peaceful at home. Today is payday! I finally after 3 years maybe, have enough money to pay off my loan 🙂 Reach a Break even point. […]

  • Day320 travel

    I am really out of topic to write…so going to go out on a limp to talk about money aspect of my last trip. It is a sensitive topic…even if it is not a time as now when many people don’t have a job. I really don’t know the number, but I have heard something […]

  • Day295 fillers

    There will be probably a bunch of fillers from here on out to Day 300 because I just need to fill up the gap and there is not much going on. I guess those in the US all focusing on the civil unrest taking place. I have not much to comment on it other than […]

  • Some math

    Day 202 I struggled with this of not having a purpose at the end of every running season. The things I do: I work. I run. and I relax. Work is pretty much an auto-drive. I don’t write much about it. I go in, work, and I get paid. It generates revenue for me to […]

  • Trip

    I rewrote this post a couple times because it doesn’t come out right due to some ethical dilemma. Since the weekend, I have been thinking about a bucket

  • God at war

    Couple days ago I put down in writing of the things I want to do in order to have what I think is a satisfying life. When I was younger, it wasn’t as

  • Chance/cost

    What is the chance I will remain healthy for the next ten years that I can do 5 marathons every year? I was thinking how to able to do a marathon in