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  • Day448 Run schedule

    2022 Edition. Part of the tradition is around this time of year, I will reveal my next year race scehdule. couple weeks (Day442) ago, I already hinted/ let it known a few races I already signed up. 3 marathons I signed up were, the Newport News One City, Grandma’s in Minnesota, and Salisbury in Maryland. […]

  • Day443 goals self-talk

    My running season is near an end. I have a few more races in the bag before the year ends but I am not that excited about them like I am usual do with my previous races. On a scale 1-10, with 10 is the best, they are like a 4 to me. Yes they […]

  • Day413

    This week, I made plans to do the Atlanta 100 over July 4th weekend while piggy back off a family vacation to the Smoky Mountains. In the end, it was not practical. So the plan was scraped. Vacation though will still be on. I will go to the Smokies but will have several days where […]

  • Day372 – race schedule

    Keeping with tradition, here are some races planned for next year. Most of them will be either a redo / or races that were deferred from this year. For the rest of this year, there are possible one or two races left. Some are fatass races or virtual races. I orginally signed up for Richmond […]

  • Day359 random friday?

    I will just leave a bunch of stuffs here. Never mind I usually do that any way. I signed up for a marathon! Not going to say it for fear of jinxing it. But yes there is a real marathon! There will be social distancing and stuff. I signed a waiver saying I won’t sue […]

  • Day338 some boring stuff

    Two more weeks until the end of August. Why is that important? It will be the end of the GVRAT – the Tennessee virtual race. I finished the 1000k challenge back in June and have been dallying around trying to get to the 2000k. For the last two months I put in around 100 miles […]

  • Day324 up ahead

    These two weeks have been a pause to life. There was nothing to do. More like nothing I want to do. After the race, all the pressure is gone. I looked back at it a bit. There is a guy who is going to attempt it in six weeks (last weekend of August). I too […]

  • Day315 race day

    By the time this post is published, I should be near the end of my run, probably 24 hours into it. There will be a proper race report after I get enough sleep – either I finish it or I DNF (not finish) halfway. Pretty much the same theme from previous posts. I couldn’t really […]

  • Day313 – last minute

    Nothing much was done today. All that I planned didn’t come into fruition. I’m racing against the clock on many fronts. FedEx print center, last night I checked they were open late but tonight I went there they were closed. They have the new limited hours from 10-6. So I will have to go there […]