To do

I was so tired the other day after finishing the long run, I was afraid my blog entry would be incoherent. That was one amazing day. I only focused on

the run, but I had an awesome time with my family in months!!! This runner is crazy. People don’t believe me that I ‘give up’ so many things people called ‘life’ to have the life that I want.

I am confused too what is the ideal life and the real life that is taking place. I do want my ideal life to match the real life. Yet if I have my way, my ideal life would consist of only running. Maybe I would be running around the world, literally running around the world — someone did it!

Guess what, I ran on a pair of tired legs yesterday and set my personal best record on a 10k race. I didn’t feel I was running that fast. I was a minute faster than my fastest time. Totally surprised by it.

To do: I have left my weekend drifting through but today I’m back in the real world.

Today is my rest day. I plan to use today to strategize how to run in all 50 states. Actually not so much of coming up with a plan, but I need to gather information on which race to do and in what state, the race dates and then figuring out which order to do them in. This doesn’t have to be done today but I wish to get started on it.

I already know there are 50 states. If I do one a year it will take me 50 years. If two a year, then 25. If 4/5 a year, then about 10-12 years. That’s my goal.

(End day 8)

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