According to my running spreadsheet that takes my current race stats and extrapolates my time for the marathon run, I should be able to break 4 hours

by a huge margin.

I don’t know how they do the math, even if I run at 9 mins pace, I would finish around 3:55. I think the spreadsheet is using 8 min pace.

Yes, theoretically I could finish at 3:30-3:35, and that is my current upper limit if I run a marathon at my fastest 10k speed. This is reassuring. I just got to train to hold that speed for 26 miles.

Realistically, my estimated finishing time is still between 4:09-5:00 hrs for my next race. I think most likely I will finish around 4:30.

My race is a little over 2 more weeks to go.

(End Day 10)

One response to “According”

  1. Update: I finished at 4:18, struggling. I will try to break 4 hrs in the next race.


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