Year three

I’m doing it! I just signed up the three races that are part of the Crab Challenge, which consists the Federick Half, Baltimore 10 miler, and Baltimore Marathon for next year.

The Federick Half would be a challenge forĀ  me because it is a week right after doing the Roanoke Foot Leveler and there is almost no time for recovery. But I can do it :), I hope…

Also I haven’t signed up yet, but JFK 50 is definitely on the table. I will sign up early next year. This race will cost me 300 squids just to register.

Now I’m thinking about what after next year. I am thinking that I need to get back to focusing doing the 50 states thing, so Hawaii, Okahoma, and Washington are on my mind.

Then year 5, I am thinking of going oversea, Chile, Inca trail in Peru, or Sydney.

Baltimore…I have heard so many good thing about this race.

(End Day 11)

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