What am I looking for

Yesterday during lunch my boss asked me what kind of women I am looking for since I am still single. I face with this kind of questions before, and I

am not good in articulate my response in a short sentence, I said probably someone who can run a marathon with me. They all laughed.

There is some truth in this. Most if not all my closest friends have not run a marathon. To them it is extremely boring / hard thing to do.

I read on a runner post, probably from the runner magazine that having one significant lover to run with you may seem fun, but in the end it may end up frustrating because nobody run at the same speed and it is frustrating to lower your speed to accommodate. Doing it one in a while isn’t a problem but doing it every time you run, will get to you unless you are a saint.

A lot of people I run with, don’t bring their love one to the meetup. I never ask them but I think pacing is the reason people don’t run with their love ones. Those who do come on occasion would not not together either.

Personal experience, I pretty good at keep pace with other people. I can either run fast or slow. When I dated a runner, I ran with her and slowed down myself. (She is actually a fast runner, she beated me on our first race). Thinking back now, I probably wouldn’t do that on my real training. Last night on my run, I had to slow down for my running partner and I ended up feeling frustrated. It was unbearably slow. I wasn’t able to get much out of the run.

What cool though I think to marry someone who has the same interest as you, is for the pre-wedding event, wedding itself and the post wedding to have running related theme. Imagine for the bacholor party, we would do a Ragnar with the groomsmen or bridemaids and for the honeymoon, we would do Hawaii marathon. Each year vacation would center around races and running.

(End Day 12)

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