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This morning, I was out of idea to write and so I posted about my past weekend’s little adventure. But who know that by the end of the day I have such great news to share.

I am so happy to announce that I registered for the Jack and Jill Downhill Marathon. There is only the downhill and no uphill Jack & Jill. I will continue my journey to run in all fifty states. I did Delaware earlier and will do Maryland this weekend. I covered Virginia and DC last year. Well DC is not a state but there is the marathoner club of 50+DC. I guess I like to go that extra mile, extra 26.2 in fact! I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally signed up for this race.

Fingers crossed, this will be my first (actually 2nd) race I will be doing with a friend. And you know how hard to convince someone you know to run? We are not talking about a 5k, it will be a 26.2!

We will travel to Seattle to do this together. She was the first person I met who ran a marathon, when I was training for my first marathon (at that time she has done 2 or 3 and was training for her next one) and so I picked her brain on everything and she was such an inspiration to me.

I can’t express how happy I am to hear that she will be running this race with me. It didn’t take much convincing on my part. Guess what, it will probably be my 9th marathon by then! Let’s not count the chickens before they hatch. But I am just so excited. I can almost call her my sensei.

Not only this will be my first far away marathon (Delaware is pretty far, but Seattle is on the other side of the country)…but it will be a step closer to my plan I have been sharing couple weeks ago, that is to run in all 50 states!

Note you don’t need to run all 50 states first to be a member, 10 is the minimum qualification. Benefits of being a member are discount on races and also making connections to other 50 states aspiring members (to find people to share hotel costs if I do travel for a race).

I was joking with everyone that I will be 88 years old when I finish all 50 states, if I do one state a year. Hehe, now, I cut a ew years hort.

I shared about doing the King Crab challenge for the Baltimore Marathon next year. And I will train for the JFK50 miler. Can’t believe it. It’s really happening!

I have been telling my coworker, asking her, like you want to know what I will be doing in 2020? (Running, and she would roll her eyes, because at the time I haven’t even figure out what to run for next year). I will let you know next year what races I have on my mind — they are on my to-do list.

I would want to go to Tulsa, Okahoma in 2020! (Another friend of mine just did this race the past weekend, So there is affinity to run it!) Or Hawaii, which also is also on my to-do list and another friend of mine is running it in a couple weeks. Detroit too would be fun, another person I met yesterday did it this year.

(End day 21) ~ edited to add

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