D day: T minus 13 hrs

I packed last night before going to bed.  It is not D day yet but I’m already at the point of no return. I took all the things I needed into work

and intended to go to the race site today to pick up my race package after work. 

But who would have known that it was such a busy day today. I had to work my normal hours and didn’t make it out in time to get to the package pickup. The race course is in another city about 1:30-2:00 way from home. So I’m still at work.

Unfortunately I didn’t check the weather yesterday so the clothes I brought are not ideal. I knew it would be cold. I did constantly monitor the weather until last night. Weather changed. Now it’s forcasting rain. At first sleet and freezing rain but now it seems normal rain. Yet it might be a heavy down pour. Cold too. The rain seems to be starting at mid race. It will go from 1mm to 3mm, whatever that mean. 

This definitely is changing things around. I wish I have a cap so that the rain won’t fall on my face. And I didn’t pack a rain coat, right now my best protection is a plastic bag I plan to carry on me so when the rain starts, I will put it over me. I will get wet regardless.

Shoes: I luckily have on me an old pair of shoes and I did pack a nice pair but that will be for me to wear after I finish the race. I hate running in wet shoes but what can you do, right?

I should sleep right now but my sister just told me about a movie and I am going to see it. So I probably won’t sleep until way past midnight. Not ideal. Hey. That’s Life.

(End Day 23)

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