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  • Day497 Rock n the Knob

    Another year, another week and another race report – It was my third time running and third race this fall season! I’m not jaded by it yet. I love fall! (year1, year2) As if readers haven’t realized, I am hitting my races in full strides this season. This one Rock-n-the Knob is one of the […]

  • Day470 Salisbury Marathon (RunSBY)

    After running the Newport News Marathon last month, I came into the Salisbury Marathon, thinking it would be about the same. While it is easy to compare and contrast the two because they were still fresh on mind, but that is not what will do. I enjoyed running them. This race allowed me just to […]

  • Day466 Newport News Marathon

    With 77F / 25C, strong winds, I couldn’t have asked for a better running condition. Ideally 40-50F might be better suited for me in breaking any personal records. It was hot by any standard, but I was ready to leave winter behind, the heat was not a problem for me. No more long sleeves and […]

  • Day440 Rock ‘N the Knob Marathon

    Here is a big post. A fellow runner Greg, who ran this did a video. He gave a better description of the course better than me. — With couple (decently hard) ultras under my belt, Rock ‘N the Knob was not an impossible race, though this one literally knocked the air out of me. I […]

  • Day367 Gettysburg Marathon

    What an exciting day. I drove up to Pennsylvania and ran the Gettysburg Marathon. I don’t like running in the cold but with a marathon, I toughed it out and ditched my sweater and pants and ran in short sleeves. We are talking about 35-40 F degree here. By 8 am the temperature warmed up […]

  • Day316 100 mile review

    There were a lot of things went well and I also made a lot of newbie mistakes. In the end I did not finish. The 100 mile run is not easy. They say running a 100 miles is to overcome issues that crop up along the way. To finish you have to overcome those. Some […]

  • day 257 virtual run#3

    This weekend was originally planned to be a trip to Laurel Highlands in PA, Trip#3 to Pennsylvania, but with the stay at home order from our governor, it is not wise to run about. I am sure people of Pennsylvania would not be trilled to have me there either. Their trooper/park ranger might give me […]

  • day254 – virtual run#2

    Day 254 race report “Centreville Marathon” I used my first virtual run I ran on March 21 for the Maine Coast Marathon. I didn’t post about it but I think on Tuesday, I got an email from the race organizer about the race being canceled. Not a surprise at all after getting so many of […]

  • traveling time

    Day 214 OK OK. I flew to Boston to pick up a milkshake and then finally got to San Diego. It was a lay-over because of the cheap ticket. I love Jet Blue. I have been flying American, United and Delta. Recently the last few trips have been with Delta, but Jet Blue is above […]

  • Something

    Day 213 Finally I did a couple short runs last week. That was monumental. All thanks to my running group. I finally got myself out of the door. It was good to be back on a regular schedule. I was glad to see familiar faces and some new faces in my running group. up and […]