Day after after

I had a good rest after the race. It wasn’t as exhausting as doing a marathon, maybe because I ran at a much slower pace and I ate plenty of good food along the course (peanut butter and jelly sandwich). 

I felt I still had plenty of energy for the last couple miles. Distance is really a mind game. 26 or 31 didn’t seem whole lot difference except it took me almost whole much longer to finish. 

Well not going think about it now. I will save it for the full race report. I need some time to process it.

I am recovering fine. Going to spent the week resting and hopefully by next week, I can start training again. It’s 16 weeks until the next race. It is my A rank race, whatever that mean.

Let you guys know my secret. I am aiming for a 50 miler next year. I plan to have another 50k at the end of summer. My first spring marathon is a springboard to the big ones.  

The registration for the two ultras has not opened yet. I don’t want to think too much about them yet. There is anxiety of how am I gonna run a 50 miler and finish it near 12 hours.  And then the 100 miler is not too far away from my mind… Yes take care of the 50 first! 🙂

Next year is going to be exciting!

Day 42

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  1. We all have special talents

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  2. Reading this while realising I can’t even run a mile properly.

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