Race day

The race went well. I ran the tidewater Seashore 50k Marathon in First Landing State Park (VA Beach). I didn’t have a specific time to strive for. On a normal marathon, my time is between 4-5 hrs. There is an extra 5 miles, so I estimated to able to finish within 6 hours. I finished a little over six.
A full report will be posted in the future.

I enjoyed the race tremendously. The rain held off. There were some drizzling but I didn’t have to use my rain jacket. Temperature was perfect 55-60F, a little warm.

The level of tireness after the race is about right but it wasn’t overwhelming. It is same as a normal backpacking trip type of weariness.


On other news.  I am enjoying a quiet evening at the beach! There is nobody here! Hotel is supper cheap :). I guess no one likes to go to the beach in the winter and on a rainy weekend. I love my ocean front. My stay is very comfortable. Hotel is modern and I have a suite! 

I love the sound of waves crashing onto shore. Being near the beach is wonderful. I almost wanted to jump in, but I know the water is freezing!!

End day 40 and 41 (I wrote a day 40 entry but forgot to publish it, now it is old news; I revised a bit and combined with today event)

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