In the grind

I had a blog post ready for today but in the end decided to scratch that. I have in the past wrote to myself but now there are a few readers who follow my blog and I realized my tone has changed. I am no longer writing to myself.  That blog post had too much explanation of this and that and I don’t think it would be entertaining to read.

I have started running again today after two days of rest. My running club (Federal City Runners) was surprised that I am back and running. I felt yes, recovery is just the reverse of tapering. You gradually increase the pace and intensity. I had two days of rest and today, I tried some light running.

I am not back in shape. I felt like an 800 lb gorilla. After a mile I was out of breath. Then 2nd mile, I felt I like I had run 20 miles. My speed was not there and I wasn’t agile. Everything felt stiff. That was that. 

I had looked into next year races. I had a big one coming in August and I will start training for that starting next week. Then following I plan to do two ultras, a 50k in August and a 50 miler in Nov. I also have two marathons in the summer and Fall. Training schedules overlap and there is at the present no serious conflict.

Why do I run? We do anything because we love to.

day 43

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