We have our first snow for 2019. It was a big one. I woke up and all outside was covered with 8-10 inches of white fluff and it forced local schools and the federal government to close at least for today. Not like I didn’t know ahead, since it was forecasted at the beginning of last week. By the way, I was too lazy to head to the mountains over the weekend. My family said they were glad. But the weatherman got it right this time. Imagine braving the element in the woods, what a weekend to tell about for years to come.

It was supposed to start on Saturday but was delayed until Saturday night and lasted the whole Sunday, even into the evening. So there was no running for me all weekend. I was cooped up inside until nightfall. I shoveled snow to free my car and the sidewalk and the two parking spaces next to mine. My neighbors probably headed to the mountain, so I shoveled their spot too. Maybe I just needed a bit of workout. Afterward, I went out for food.

My favorite Chinese carryout was closed as well and I walked there in the evening to eat. I chose to walk instead of driving to put in my excercise. No shoveling didn’t count toward running. I could have called the place ahead. The restaurant being closed forced me to eat real food though. A yay for the new year resolution. I walked back home after getting some lettuce, spinach and all the healthy stuff  from a grocery place next to it.

A gentleman stopped his car and gave me a lift halfway from home. I gladly took it, because it was too long to explain I need my time on my feet and I was actually really hot being outside walking. He probably would think I am too crazy. He didn’t see two other ladies I passed earlier. He should have giving them a ride instead of me. Maybe he did.

The city has improved in its snow removal. There is hardly any snow on the streets except in the neighborhood complex. Still my neighborhood is pretty good at clearing their streets but unlike the major highways they didn’t use chemical to treat the roads so there is still a layer of snow and ice. I just have to drive very carefully. However, most of other roads were cleared. I had no problem getting to the subway/underground. This is so different from my previous experience of snowmaggedon. Here I guess if it snows more than 1 inch, it is a snow apocalypse. I had no excuse but go to work today. I got to wonder what kind of chemical are they using. It is very effective.

I have to say, it all depends on what kind of snow. This kind seems easy to shovel.  It was soft and easy to push. I was hot after walking around a bit (just mean I was overdressed). The temperature didn’t drop too far. There was no wind so the snow didn’t turn into ice. 

Day 61

PS. Unfortunately, the snow in DC turned to ice. I had to run on them. Pretty slick.

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