I did not get into Umstead. Looking for another race to attempt. I am thinking of Rocky Raccoon or C&O Canal 100. Both races have about the same difficulty. Rocky Raccoon I can register now. Registering for C&O Canal has not opened yet. C&O is near my house and easy to get crew or pacer… Continue reading Day357

bit of everything

Day 238 I am a bit sleepy so I will try to make this quick. I feel if I don’t write something, I might never get to it. This weekend is everything I want it to be. I totally exhausted myself. I did a 50K on Saturday (the full report will hopefully available some day).… Continue reading bit of everything

Random Friday sort-of

Day 233 / weekend A plug for my friend Isaiah Day who started this blog Player Development for athletes. I am anticipating his interview with an ultra distance runner next Tuesday 3/3 @10:00 ET. More info about the interview can be found on his group Facebook page. ah…it is hard to link to FB. Other… Continue reading Random Friday sort-of

weekly run summary

Day 225 I ran 56 miles last week Monday: usually rest day, I rested Tuesday: 4-ish miles with the group. I showed up in three layer shirt and did not realize it was 60 (15 C). Hot night. Wednesday: rest night Thursday: group run canceled because of rain and no one showed up. I ran… Continue reading weekly run summary