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Run About – Day 71

I did a run here and there. I know if this keep up I will be in trouble, at least for the first marathon coming April. I am doing about six this year (goal of doing six in six months), doubling the number of last fall. It is not too late to save it. I think if I focus to train the next 8 weeks I can do it. 

This weekend I had my first 10k race for this year. I was running near my best time finished at 49:46, about 30 seconds slower than my record. I ran at a good pace, my muscle was fine and my breathing was fine too — at no point was I out of breath. I did stop for water break and that costed me the 30 seconds for a PR. I was not running for a PR though. I didn’t run my heart out. I was running for the love of it. I will run my heart out next week.

Yes it was the coldest race I ever did. I don’t remember even how cold it was. I think by the time I finished it was 22F (-5C?). But I think I run faster when it is cold. I was surprised too the water at the water station didn’t freeze over…but my water bottle was frozen …haha, but that because I left it overnight in the car.

The polar vortex thing finally left us this weekend (after my race).  People were out in T-shirt. I think it went all the way up to 60F (15C?). I did my ‘long’ run in my long sleeves and a pair of shorts. At the end though I felt cold but that was because I did it in the evening. It didn’t finish my long run due to time, trying to finish my run before the Super Bowl start time. (American Football championship game). I missed just the first few minutes.

If you asked me where I was running today, I would say I was runabout on some random hills. No joke, I have pictures to prove.

(Runabout Ln)

(Random Hills Rd)

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