Day 77

Snow for real! Schools are closed. Government is closed. Buses are on a special schedule and can cancel any time without notice. Yeehaw! It means  we are going camping (can’t wait). That’s how I feel any way. The camping trip is this weekend but I feel we can go today! We have been waiting since last weekend for snow when it was supposed to snow and it has been pushed back to today. Any way, I need to still get some of my work done. Snow is not a totally free day. My boss won’t be happy if I am doing the snow dance outside.

Today is my rest day though, in term of running. I woke up with shin splints and mild pantar fasciitis. I should rest on my rest day.  I really want to be out and run. Sometimes I just need to get always and run. I love to run on snow. I might try a mile. They say listen to my body, I think my body is saying run.

Whether it is because life got busy or life is just filled with inconsequential  things. You got to pause and say huh, what am doing?

Last few weeks were like that. All I remembered was got up, went to work, came home and went to bed. And if I had time, I ran. Was there more that happened? There was probably many meaningful things I did but just can’t recall them. If I don’t write them  down they are forgotten.

Today wasn’t much either. We had the Presidents Day off on Monday, and I was able to do my long run because of it. It was good to be back at work on Tuesday. The process was pretty much the same. I did a lot, or at least in my mind I was. I solved people’s problems, many things I wish that I could write about to say “see what I did today”, but they are quickly forgotten before I get to it. Certainly every day is exciting, and Tuesday was no different. I am always on the edge of seat. But in the big scheme of thing, nothing special and inconsequential.

I did my run at night. Tuesday and Thursday are usually my best nights for me because I got to meet with other people on my night runs. I ran with my group, 5 miles total (I did an extra mile by myself). There was happy hour after. I didn’t want to go back home. I had a fun night listening to stories. It was a fun group of people. And I learned about plantar fasciitis! There was a dude who flew in from San Fransisco to run with us! He’s commuting in for work (not every day though). Yes, crazy. I don’t know how he deals with jet lag.

So far 35 miles this week. And my feet are feeling it. With today rest, I hope to add 4-6 miles by end of the week. Camping will be my cross training day (13 miles). Not much mileage but will be sufficient to get me work up. 

Yes, got to pack snowshoes and spikes.

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