Day 79

Morning going to work.

Foggy morning after yesterday snow; taken at Vienna bus/metro station

Checking the weather for this weekend. We have little over full moon and few degrees above freezing temperature. Wind is at 5 mph. It may rain both Friday and Saturday, but I am going camping!  

We call this trip, ‘the Lord is my shield’ after the last incident when we were rushed off the mountain.

Now as I have more and more things, it becomes harder to pack. For example, I have two tents, so which one should I take, and three sleeping bags, and two backpacks, three water filtration systems, two/three cooking systems (and I don’t even cook), three pairs of boots, and tons of other accessories. I guess I need to bring the essential things. I read about poop bag couple days ago…I should prepare one, but not this time. I always have my Leave no trace poop digger with me. Actually, I have not yet pooped in the wild. I need a porcelain seat to sit on. 

I am excited. I went and brought food but in the end they couldn’t make into the pack. I’m going to stick with Mountain House / Meal.

I will be just three of us, couple others didn’t RSVP. Some might join us for a day hike tomorrow. Forecasted to be raining, so doubtful any will come.

As for my running, I didn’t run on Wednesday…because my mom called me in for dinner as I were prepared to leave and I wasn’t strong in my convinction to refuse. I usually run during dinner time.^^. and eat when everyone sleep and sleep when everyone is about to get up. 

I missed out on running in the snow.

I got a rest day instead, and can’t complain about that. My body recovered from the long run I did on Monday. Twenty miles was brutal. I forgot how to climb stairs afterward and had to do PT to regain my range of motion. Shint splints and plantar fasciitis were all gone today.

As for Thursday, I did 10 miles. I think my weekly total is now at 40 miles! I won’t able to run tomorrow and probably I wouldn’t be able to run on Saturday either (hike should be finished by 1-2pm). 

I am at lost now when I will do my long run. Sunday is church day (I am not religious but being with my best buddy all worth the time away from running). Last Sunday was great and I squeezed in 10 miles in between time. My long run will have to be deferred to probably Monday, which is scary, meaning I won’t sleep till midnight that day? I will let you guys know. 3-5 hours long run is just terrible.

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