Run on tired legs

Day 84

Wednesday, normally is my night off from running, but since I took my rest on Monday, (did 1 mile on the treadmill on Monday)  I was obligated to go out and put in my miles. 

I started the run a bit late due to church and the evening fellowship meal, which was a plus, because food kept me warm and gave me the strength. Normally I run first before dinner.

Service was over by nine and I slept through most of it, unfortunately. Everyone came up to me afterward and was telling me that I must be tired. It was my pastor last sermon at our church too and we had many visitors. I was kind of embarrass but it happens all the time  to me… I slept through most the sermons and they were really good too. I had coffee today but that did not help.

Any way, I was wide awake now. Somehow I always wake up at the end feeling refresh. I changed into my running outfit after the service at church, because the night was cold, I needed a bit time for my clothing to warm up. I was happy for the little nap, otherwise my run wouldn’t have happened. I am thankful for this. If at home, I would have gone straight to bed and not step out again.

I gave my neighbor and friend a ride home, who lived about 10 houses away. Everything was ready, I started the run at 9:30. I estimated that I wouldn’t finish until midnight. And I was right. My body was not used to starting the run this late in the evening. Even with two jackets and two layer shirts I was barely able to keep warm. Started out with run walk every few steps. I didn’t get into my pace until 4 to 5 miles into it. I overdressed a bit.

My legs were definitely tired. Once I was into my pace I warmed up quite a bit. I removed my outer jacket and tied it around my waist. I unzipped my inner jacket. Normally, I can run without a jacket at this temperature.

The run was slow going. I had no regret though. I got to my mom’s place at 10:30 (4-5 miles away) but since it was late I didn’t disturb them (and if I did they would insist to give me a ride home and the run would be over). I mustered on. 

I guessed I did the second half a bit faster. There was only six miles to go, and I separated three segments of two miles each in my mind. This made the rest of the run easier to handle. The first was a straight road down on Stringfellow. It is a busy road but nothing much to see. No houses nothing. It was a dark and quiet night. My only goal was to reach the end of this segment. Normally it  would be speed work. I think I had a decent speed last night.

The second segment wound through a quiet neighborhood on Centreville Farm. I love this segment because I love to look at new houses. Many still had their lights on both inside and out. I didn’t see any one though. I hustled through to get to the end because the next segment is usually the worse.

The third was on a highway (Lee Highway). This is just a 3-4 lanes road with lot of cars. I normally don’t like running next to it because of the noise and how dirty the sidewalk is. It is also very long and hilly. It tests my endurance. I walked and ran this segment. The night was cold and I only met a mom and child. There were only a few cars at this hour. I walked the last mile.

I love the late night run, but it was very tiring. I got back around midnight. My Garmin said it took 2:25 hours and I did 11.6 miles. I forgot to turn off my Garmin so bthe actually running time is  much less. I felt asleep not long right after I changed into warmer clothes. I was completely drained.

I didn’t feel sorry for myself out there alone because I knew I had to do it. I was glad it wasn’t raining. It was a bit scary to run at night when there is no one else outside. I wished someone would run with me. That’s a runner life.

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