Day 85

Snow day again but not too bad. Govt is open and school only gets two hours delayed opening. I pulled out my hiking boots for the occasion. I love them. They would definitely made it on my list of 50 joyful things. It was only halfway into work I realized my boots don’t have the insert in them. I removed the insert to air out the boots after the last hike and have forgotten to but them back in. Now my feet felt a bit weird without them. Shoes are a bit stiff without the inserts.

Snow day makes it on list of 50 joyful things too.

Out of curiosity, I checked the JFK registration website, which opens today until all the spots are filled. I know, I am itching to sign up. It costs a third less than I assumed it to be (or my memory failed me and they raised their  price from 175, I don’t know). I’m still thinking about signing up. But the Chile trip…

I am thinking of another alternative to the JFK 50 miler. There is the Iron Mountain race I will be running in August. At first, I plan to do the 30 miler but now I am thinking of running the 50 miler instead.  Registration won’t start until June 1, which is still plenty of time to decide. 

Looking at my schedule, putting a 50 miler in August is a bit rough because of a few remaining races for the year, with MCM 50K no less. Also the course I read for the Iron Mnt is rough (and dangerous) compare to JFK. At least for the JFK, there is a long stretch on the C&O Canal (flat). However, doing the 50 miler this year would free up a spot for next year and I already go tons of races lining up to do out the way out to 2022.

Other news, not much to do this weekend. Probably resting tonight and run a 5k tomorrow and a 10 miler on Sunday.

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