I am doing it. Today I was able to register for the MCM 50K Ultra. They accepted 1700 runners. 

I felt estastic. I wrote about registering the 17.75K last week in order to do the Marine Corp. So, now I don’t really need to do that race. I’m in already. I will run the 17.75 any way. I may able to give my spot to the MCM (the normal marathon) to someone.   Haha, I got myself two spots in this race. Many people would be jealous of me.

Day 83

2 responses to “MCM 50K”

  1. Good for you of putting rent first! There are just so many other races to do!!


  2. Congrats! I am probably going to forgo the 50k for that one this year after all. Also, this is my rent check week. Booo. Balling on a budget. CONGRATS to you, though! MCM is and always will be one of my favorite marathons.

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