Day 129

I got home relatively early last night and for the first and longest time to see clear sky and a beautiful sunset over my beautiful city. I don’t remember when was the last time I was there in that moment. The last time I saw a sunset was while camping two weeks ago. I don’t remember when was the last time I was not busy on a Monday. Maybe I have been too busy training the last six months to notice the sunset. It finally dawned on me summer is here!

I might have suffered amnesia – not the real clinical one but still some kind of memory lapse. Monday has been my rest day for the longest time. So it should have been a regular occurrence that I would be home early on Monday. I don’t recall what I did for the last 52 Mondays but yesterday I went to my favorite eatery place. I felt I haven’t walked into the place for three years. I ordered my favorite dish they have there. I don’t know the name of the restaurant or what the dish is called. But I love it. I felt I haven’t eaten like that in a long time. I was still hungry by the time I finished. They were about to close so I didn’t order a second. I had ordered a second in the past, and usually the people would be shock, what that was not enough?

The time off allowed me to wandering aimlessly. I got home early and felt asleep. I woke up with what should I do now. I am not so clear what races I should run next year. The couple races I picked earlier for next year no longer appeal to me. Currently there is only a few I want to do. Maine Coast is highly on my list. Route 66 Marathon is too. And Richmond Marathon.

I signed up for the Iron Mountain Trail Ultra just a few days ago. There is still one more race /event for this year I haven’t registered – Salvage Man Tri, MD (I am eyeing the sprint distance).

Well not sure what I am doing really. I am looking for the drive that will move me forward. Usually signing up for races will do that.

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