Day293 Checking in

I joked with a coworker sometimes saying I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. A joke because I am an early riser and I do well early in the morning than late at night. More importantly I don’t always sleep on a bed. Sofa or floor would do for me. I love… Continue reading Day293 Checking in


Day 219 Buy one get one free got to me this week and spent over $70+ on grocery and it is only Tuesday. I brought three loaves of bread! Normally one loaf would have taken me three weeks to finish. But it was cheap! I cooked a pound of beef Sunday night. Ate most of… Continue reading Untitled


Day 139 I reread a blog post I wrote a few days back about why I run. At that time I thought my running career would go on indefinitely. I was young and there doesn’t seem to be why I couldn’t run except for lack of interest. Now looking back I spoke too soon. I… Continue reading Reread

First run

I had my first run after the marathon, a short 3.5 miles. Everything felt great. I had everything back in place. My right hip and right knee