Day 218

Finally got my training started for this season. Maybe when I have time I will post why it took two months to get it off running. I blamed it on Post-Marathon Blue.

I will cheat a little and count the Sunday in San Diego as my Day 1/ 0.

-Sunday: 26.2 miles. ran the Carlsbad marathon

-Tuesday: 3 miles. group run. recovery run. was difficult since all my muscles were hurting.

-Thursday: 0 mile. Probably the Tuesday run got me sick. Fever on Wednesday to Thursday, and then the coughs.

-Saturday: 6 miles. felt like a new man. Did not have much sleep on Friday night due to all the pain from my cold and not from my running. I felt like an old man with pain at no matter which position I turned. But the run relieved all the tensions and tightness and the pain gradually dissipated.

-Sunday: 16 miles. Arlington/Airport loop. Realized not completely recovered from my marathon. Deep muscle pain.

total for the week: 51 miles.

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