Day 219

Buy one get one free got to me this week and spent over $70+ on grocery and it is only Tuesday.

I brought three loaves of bread! Normally one loaf would have taken me three weeks to finish. But it was cheap!

I cooked a pound of beef Sunday night. Ate most of it. It was supposed to last for a whole week. So I went and got another pound of ground beef. I made Chili last night and had them with my bread.

What caught my eyes last night was chicken breast was $1 a pound. I spent $12. I am rich with food. I cooked all of them last night and it is like a pot of meat! I will be eating chicken sandwiches till kingdom comes.

The rest was mostly fruits. I had avocadoes, oranges, banana, asparagus, strawberries and lot of lot of Jello.

Can’t believe I went through two pounds of ground beef in two days.

random: what to do for Feb 14? Who want to head into the woods?

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