Should be back in shape

Day 221

I should be back in shape. Not yet at peak condition but should be ready to tackle some hard training this weekend and the next few weekends. I have not put together a solid plan. Actually I prepared one while I was still in Chile in December, but since coming back with 5-6 weeks of not running, that plan is pretty much useless. So I have to adjust. I have about 12-16 weeks of training before my big race (Laurel Highland 70 miler)

My next few weeks if weather permits, I will be heading out to a trail every weekend.

Though tomorrow weather is not looking up but it has improved quite a bit. I think the rain will hold off and I plan to head to a trail. I plan to do Buck Hollow/Buck Ridge, but if the weather will be poor, I will head to a nearby trail – Ashby Hollow / Buzzard Hill.

I plan to have a solid run tonight and maybe 26 miles tomorrow and a 16 miles on Sunday. This will give me around 40-50 miles for the week. Ambitious I know.

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