running summary

Day 222

It felt good to be able to do long runs. I ran the same routes as in previous weekend. Many thoughts passed through my head. What gave me hard time while running two miles last July, now seemed like nothing at all. I was amazed after running even 16 miles and did not feel tired. I was only limited by time available, otherwise I would keep on running.

On Saturday I was dragging me feet to get out the door. I was going to do 26 miles in the mountain but ended up just running 16 within my neighborhood. I missed the hill work-out. It was 1 pm by the time I stepped outside. I did not really get into my zone because I made a stop at my mom’s place and that pretty much ruin the rest of my run. I was hungry and stopped there. Ate. I went back out though but couldn’t pull a 26 mile. I didn’t finish my run until 6:30. It felt really really long. I stopped at my mom’s place for dinner thinking to finish with a four miles afterward. My mom ended up driving me home. It takes strong resolution to say no. Non-runners think they are doing you good of offering you a ride…and keeping you from the element, but to me training when I am tired, cold, and at my weakest is the most helpful thing for my up coming ultra. Any way, I gave in to the luxury of a quick ride home, even though I knew if I went back out for that four miles it would really shape my willpower of not giving up. I need to do better next weekend to avoid making a stop at my mom’s place.

I did better on Sunday. I was in my element and had a good time.

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: 4 miles. group run

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 4 miles with the group.

Friday: 8 miles. late start and got lost in Georgetown. Was going to do 12 miles.

Saturday: 16 miles around my neighborhood. long day. 1-6:30pm. caught in rain. Had a long lunch break (45 min).

Sunday: 6 miles (10K race) and 16 miles afternoon run. Arlington loop. Finished in 3 hrs.

Total miles for the week: 54 miles.

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