Day 234 / Race Report

Not sure when is Shamrock Day but Happy Leprechaun!

I am grateful to finally run it – the Pot of Gold 10K. It was a great day. Cold. I think it was 26/28 F (not sure about temp in Celcius, mayby -1 or -2) when we started. It got warmer once we were about a mile in the run. There were also some wind.

Hey usually I don’t do a race report on smaller races, since I do so many of these kind of races all the time. But since I drummed it up so much leading up to it, I should let everyone know how it went.

It was a new course to me. My first time running it. I have done severy races in the area of One Loudoun (shopping center), so it was not totally new to me. Still, the 10K course was the first time I was running it.

I have ran enough 10K to get a feel of the timing and pacing. I forgot to wear my Garmin watch so, I used my phone to track the run. I normally don’t like running with the phone. I ran with it this time, thinking I would take some pictures during the race (I didn’t).

A bonus was I got the reverse split. crazy right? The longer I ran, the faster I got during the race. That’s scary.

I was far from getting on the podium this time. I was ranked 12th in my age group.

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