weekly run summary

Day 235 / week 6

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 4 mi

Wednesday: none

Thursday: 4

Friday: 14-15

Saturday: hiking buckhollow-hanzel river loop – 20 mi (ran about final 2 mi downhill); completed in 7 hours

Sunday: 10k race

total: 28 mi + 20 mi hiking

Due to various reasons mainly tireness and being lazy, I didn’t run over the weekend. The hike was mostly compensated my run. It was not strenuous, but my ankles had a very good workout. The pace was good. I had done this hike twice before and in the past it took me 8 hours at a much shorter distance (18 miles). I know now I have improved a lot since. Couple massive hills during the hikes were nothing to me; I didn’t break a sweat. My partner though was panting and we took couple short breaks on the way up; she said she was out of shape. I didn’t think so. We ran the last two miles downhill.

20 miles is still 20 miles. Though I felt I could have an even harder workout if I ran the thing, I was tired by the time we left the trail. I slept through the drive home, then the whole next day…basically skiping my long run on Sunday. I felt I might able to do the long run if I pushed myself…but the extra day of rest should help me next weekend.

I did the 10K. The time was acceptable. Finished in 53 minutes. My fastest 10K was in 48 min. 52-53 is around my average / 8:30 pace. It was still an improvement from my last few 10K. This was after a long hike from the day before. I really didn’t feel fresh that morning. To able to pull a reverse split was something – I didn’t really plan for that either, I only ran at the pace my body felt comfortable and as the race went on, my body and legs became easier to run.

I didn’t put up big number this week. I could have, but I had no regret to switch up the runs with a hike. I was grateful for my friend who canceled her weekend backpacking trip to hike with me on Saturday.

14 more weeks left before the Laurel Race.

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