no dramatic weekend plan

Day 249

With each day like the day before of sheltering in place, this would be the first weekend without real clear plan.

With most races canceled, why bother to train?

I guess I will still do some running, before that is prohibited. In France, people were not allowed to jog or bike. So, it probably will happen here also if things get worse. It probably will get worse.

My local area (my county) has only 16 cases as of early morning. We have 5-6 counties in the Washington area (3 counties in VA). Probably adding all up is about 100 cases.

Still, the rate for my state is increasing. So soon I expect my area to probably reach 1000.

I got sidetracked. Yes, do what I have to do before we really have to be locked in. Yup there are still some people outside. Restaurants are not banned yet. There are restrictions in place but not banned.

Traffic on the road is less but not zero.

Yes, I still semi training to hoping to run some virtual races. The Marathon Maniac have some virtual events! Yes! I am excited. I also want to run the Ronoake race as a virtual race on April 18. It would be 52.4 mile long. More on that when the day get closer.

That’s all. Sorry for the noise. I wanted to post something so I can get to my 250th post!

2 responses to “no dramatic weekend plan”

  1. thank you for the encouragement!! I have been blessed.

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  2. Well currently we just have to readjust to life at this moment … you should keep training cause eventually we will get a handle on things – life will probably be different afterwards ? Who knows … maybe this is a swift kick in the ass for learning how to adjust or change ways of thinking or doing…

    You shouldn’t give up training if that’s what you love… your races will be back eventually and if you continue to train somehow in whatever way you are able… think how much stronger you will be…

    Time to think out of the box and adjust our ways… not impossible – just have to think creatively and differently …

    Be a story that comes out of a hard tough moment but persevered!! We all reach for that strength – do you have that?


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