day255 week summary

Day 255 – week 10

Total: 44

Monday/Tuesday: 0

wednesday: did I run? Yes, probably 5 miles

Thursday: 0

Friday: 13

Saturday 26

Sunday: I was a bum. Slept the whole day and watched Youtube video. I felt asleep during our virtual sunday class until the teacher called on me.

The week passed so quickly. I can’t remember what I did last week. Every day was the same, wake up, worked, doing something usually cooked or cleaned, then went to bed and repeat again the next day. There is almost no delineation between home and work, weekday or weekend. I feel like I am stranded on a deserted island. Life is so monotonous.

We do have a shelter in place order. Today our state and county issued a stay in your house order. How is that different from before? Now it is official.

People started texting me because they know I still run crazy mileage around the neighborhood (in their eyes). I looked up on the restriction and found it is pretty flexible still compared to before. We can go out for exercising and to get our food or to go to work. So…I wonder how is this coming week be any different from last week! Only thing is they said it is official now. They closed off a lot of parks and set up roadblocks leading to them, because last weekend, people were just crazy going all over the place.

I listened in on the Governor of New York – Cuomo’s press briefing every day. He said something today that this is a war. People should start treating it like one. It is serious and shouldn’t treat it like a vacation.

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  1. Well … lol on falling asleep during virtual class, until teacher called on you 😄 … that is a little humorous

    And as far as your description of days being monotonous… for some reason I instantly thought “got Wilson” ? Lol …cause is like that (referencing Castaway)

    I get to go to work on the weekends… so I look forward to the weekend still lol … to work lol … but during the week – I lose track of my days – there is no difference from one to the next. What month is this? Lol kidding not that bad yet ✌️

    We are under “shelter in place” here in California too… you are supposed to stay inside but can go out for food and if you are essential … and you can exercise outside but not be near people.

    But ya know there are an awful lot of essential people – you have door dashers – restaurants (which are literally drive through or pick up only), gas stations, grocery stores, police, fire … so there are still many out there.

    Well anyway… think of it this way… we living history right now… cause eventually this be all over and we will have our lives back (somewhat) … but it will go down as worldwide history. Hopefully we learn things – and also… never get too comfortable with how life is … because life switches it up all the time! You never see it coming most of the time lol

    It’s just one moment, in a lifetime. ✌️ Won’t be forever

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