day273 weekly run summary

I figure if I post about my GVRAT run every day, my readers will have blog fatigue, so I will go back to my old format of posting an update once a week, like I did for my training run.

So this week so far, (Friday to Sunday) total 58 miles.

So I will go back to posting maybe a weekly update. I stopped training for my June race, which was canceled or postponed until Fall. I don’t know if I will run it then.

I did run maybe once or twice last week but I didn’t log them, until Friday when I signed up to run across Tennessee virtually (#GVRAT).

Friday: 6 mi

Saturday: 43.7 (recorded 42)

Sunday: 10 mi. mostly walk. It took me couple hours to finish.

Live tracking of where I am with the GVRAT. I am somewhere between Oakland and and Somerville. As you can see there are a thousand runners on my tail.

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