Day294 weekly run summary

I don’t remember which days my runs were on, so this summary is kind of a joke.

ah Monday. Normally a rest day but it was too good not to use it for a run. Did 26 miles on Memorial day. Wrote a blog about the run to my former high school. It was a hot day.

Tuesday. Short run 14 k. So about 9 miles.

Wed-Friday. Work got busy. Friday put in couple miles. Weather was too humid.

Saturday. Just plain lazy. Watched the shuttle rocket (SpaceX Falcon9 capsule Dragon Demo-2) launched. Ended up it took whole day and didn’t run.

Sunday. out of guilt ran 20 miles. I orginally intended for 26 or more, but started out way too late. Just too much to do to get ready for work again. Great weather though nice cool 65 ish.

GVRAT progress. I reached more than half way. At 380 miles. There are about around 250 more miles, to be considered “finished”. I haven’t run that much in a month, 380 miles! Normally that about how much miles I do for the whole season!

I finally signed up another virtual race and it will take place in Atlanta. I am a bit nervous because it will be my first 100 miles. We have until the end of August to do it. The event itself has a 34 hours limit (yes, it is a 100 mile event).

I am nervous because I am running on an actual real course and it is far from here. I am thinking on the logistic right now, like how do I get myself down to Atlanta.

The curfew and rioting there is not helping. I plan to do it on the July 4th weekend, but nothing is concrete at this point except that I have paid for it already. Hopefully things will calm down a bit.

2 responses to “Day294 weekly run summary”

  1. Me neither. Most virtual races are done remotely at your own location, but this one is done on site or their actual course, except likely it will be just me running on it and will be self reporting my time.


  2. Wow! So do you think you can finish 250 miles? 😮 that’s impressive!!

    You said the Atlanta one is virtual? How come you have to go to a track then? That’s not really virtual is it? I don’t quite understand that one?? Virtual but you have to come to the facility 😄

    That’s really cool though!! Good luck with those!!


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